What We Sell

Roller R Covers


The HSP Roll R Cover is a fully electric roll top, allowing the customer to open, close and pause at the click of a button. Proudly the only Australian Made Roll Top. A great addition to your 4x4 accessories

Load Slides


The Load Slide by HSP Ute Lids is a fantastic addition to any vehicles tub, allowing the user tp to store, secure and access items without the hassle of climbing into the tub.

Hard Lids


The HSP Ute Lids Premium Hard Lids are one of the only Australian Made Hard Lids on the market. and is one of the only lids to have the option to add Central Locking or an LED light at any stage.

Tail Lock


The HSP Tail Lock is a truly revolutionary product allowing you to sync your tail gate with your existing vehicle remote. The tail lock gives peace of mind knowing that when your car is locked, so is your tail gate. Add this to your HSP ute lids accessory list

Tail Gate Assist


The HSP ute lids provide the Tail Gate Assist Kit which uses a two way strut system which will not only dampen the weight while the tail gate is reclining  but also reduce weight while inclining while supporting a high weight rating. 

Load Rack


Adding the Load rack to your 4x4 accessories list, is a great tool to enhance your vehicles carrying capacity. There are two options from this range. First, being a full load rack this option allows the effortlessly remove the ladder rack when it's not needed. Secondly is the adaptor Load Rack. This version allows the user to have the benefits of  the load rack while keeping their existing sports bar using the Load Rack extender.