Quick Grip Rubber Mounting Clamp Kit
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Securing your cargo is vital in any 4x4. With the Ironman 4x4 Quick Grip mounting kit, you'll have a range of clamps to handle everything from small hand tools, axes and shovels all the way to fire extinguishers and scuba tanks.

Easy to use and UV resistant, Quick Grips are perfect for quickly and securely mounting items, ensuring you have no annoying rattles and everything stays in place.

Each kit includes:

  • 2 Mini Quick Grip clamps 16-32mm (up to 11kg)
  • 4 Original Quick Grip clamps 25-57mm (up to 11kg)
  • 2 Super Quick Grip clamps 64-240mm (up to 23kg)

  • Item #: IQUICKGRIP001

Quick Grip Rubber Mounting Clamp Kit

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